MS SQL Server Firewall by DataSunrise

MS SQL Server firewall by DataSunrise filters the network traffic according to configured rules set. Dangerous requests are blocked. The firewall protects enterprise sensitive data from multiple threats. It prevents hacker attacks, SQL injections, and other security breaches. Controls user privileges to exclude the data loss by company insiders.

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MS SQL Server firewall by DataSunrise is an enterprise-class security solution designed for protection of critical data on premises and in the cloud. It ensures the highest possible level of data security through providing complete visibility of database and user activity.

Database security has never been easier or more reliable. MS SQL Server Firewall by DataSunrise continuously monitors database activity and detects vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers and insiders. This includes database administrators, who also pose a potential threat to database security.

Proxy mode deployment places the firewall between database and clients. The firewall acts as an intermediary and prevents direct communication between client and server. It audits and logs the traffic and blocks execution of queries violating firewall's security policies.

ms sql firewall

Intelligent SQL-analysis algorithms enable to detect and block unauthorized access attempts and attacks on a database in real time.


Threat detection and blocking mechanisms allow to capture SQL injections in real time. Currently MS SQL Server Firewall by DataSunrise is able to block the following SQL Injection techniques:

  • Union Exploitation Technique
  • Boolean Exploitation Technique
  • Out of band Exploitation technique
  • Time delay Exploitation technique
  • Automated Exploitation

    Security rule conditions include the following parameters:

  • type, instance and name of the target database;
  • whether queries came from a certain client application;
  • whether intercepted queries contain certain SQL statements;
  • whether queries contain signs of SQL injection (OR and UNION statements, comments, double queries, constant expression, keyword in comments);
  • whether queries are directed to certain database elements (schemas, tables, columns, stored procedures).

    Among supported features there are:

  • TDS Proxy
  • SMP + TDS Proxy (MARS support)
  • SSL over TDS or SMP + TDS proxy
  • Sniffing for all protocol combinations (TDS, SMP+TDS, SSL+SMP+TDS)
  • SSL ciphers control
  • SQLBatch analysis, blocking and masking
  • RPCBatch analysis, blocking and masking
  • Asynchronous queries analysis (pipelining)

    DataSunrise Database Firewall supports the latest MS SQL Server Database versions: 2005, 2012, 2014, 2016, V12 (Azure). It runs on both Windows and Linux.

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