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DataSunrise Database Firewall for Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena Firewall is a special security tool developed by DataSunrise. It protects a database from internal and external threats and vulnerabilities. The firewall prohibits unauthorized access to the database and prevents any intrusion attempts. Each SQL query directed at a database is checked for improper content and malicious commands, and the security personnel is alerted about suspicious database activity in real time.

Tech info

Amazon Athena Firewall provided by DataSunrise is a unique solution designed for the protection of databases in real time. It ensures the highest level of sensitive data security and helps companies to be compliant with industry regulatory requirements concerning sensitive data.

DataSunrise Firewall monitors traffic to and from Amazon Athena databases. The level of protection is defined by the security policy which is, in its turn, is based on a system of user-defined rules. Each incoming and outgoing data packet is disassembled and compared against the existing security rules. In the case of a query meets a certain security rule, the firewall blocks this query. The following queries may be tracked: SELECT/UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT, also queries made by certain database users, queries targeted to certain database elements, queries from specified applications and so on.

Database Firewall

In order to make Amazon Athena Firewall active your DataSunrise instance has to be deployed in the proxy mode and sit between the client application and Amazon Athena, thus direct communication is prevented. When a security rule is created, you can make it log all the blocked and allowed queries and the query results.

DataSunrise Database Security Suite can function as an authentication proxy providing Kerberos authentication of clients that are in the Active Directory domain. Connecting to the Amazon Athena databases through DataSunrise proxy guarantees secure connection and vastly reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

DataSunrise Database Firewall for Amazon Athena databases can work in the High-Availability mode. It means that you can deploy several firewall instances that will share the same configuration settings. If one of the servers fails another DataSunrise instance will be used as a proxy to track the database transactions.