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DataSunrise Database Activity Monitoring for Amazon Athena

DataSunrise has developed a special monitoring solution for Amazon Athena databases. This security tool informs about all activity happening in Athena database(s). This tool is very efficient against any actions threatening sensitive data contained in databases under protection. All auditing events can be logged and saved to a separate database. Athena Database Activity Monitoring from DataSunrise is a reliable tool for the safety of data.

Tech info

Amazon Athena Database Activity Monitoring is a special tool aimed at giving you a full understanding of what’s happening inside your database(s). Every event is registered and logged. As a result, you’re aware of any suspicious actions and events related to your sensitive data. In case something extraordinary is happening, the database security personnel are notified immediately.

Athena Database Activity Monitoring from DataSunrise is done through a system of audit rules which are easily customizable. Database administrators can specify certain users they want to prohibit some queries for. Also, a schedule for rule activation can be set up.

Athena Database Activity Monitoring module by DataSunrise collects all transactional trails and can save it to a separate database of different types. This information can be used for further analysis by database administrators or as the evidence of criminal activity during cybercrime investigation. The log of each query contains the following information:

  • General information about the event;
  • Session information (host, user, application name, IP address, duration of a session);
  • Code of the query;
  • Results of the query execution.
Activity Monitoring

The Database Activity Monitoring tool has a built-in self-learning mechanism that examines typical user transactions over a certain period of time and creates “a white list” of the allowed SQL queries. Activation of the self-learning feature prevents false activation of other DataSunrise security modules such as the DataSunrise Firewall.

Having such a powerful tool as Athena Database Activity Monitoring DB administrators can timely respond to any malicious activity and don’t have to look through all transactions in order to secure the data they are in charge of.