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DataSunrise Database Activity Monitoring for Elasticsearch

The Elasticsearch Database Activity Monitoring tool developed DataSunrise company ensures constant monitoring and logging of all user transactions in databases. This tool gives the ability to identify illegal, fraudulent or other undesirable actions. Cybercrime investigation cannot be done without proper log files. Activity monitoring is a necessary component of a corporate database security system.

Tech info

The Elasticsearch Activity Monitoring solution by DataSunrise examines and collects information about transactions on a corporate network. Our product makes it easy to manage Elasticsearch databases, showing all made queries and identifying potentially dangerous operations. The Elasticsearch Database Activity Monitoring rules are flexible and can be customized according to various requirements. The software is easy to deploy and imposes no additional load on database performance.


Sometimes a company doesn’t even know that its database is being leaked. Having a comprehensive Elasticsearch monitoring tool, you always know who and when executed a certain transaction. If someone copied sensitive data, you will immediately see that in the logs and may take necessary actions. In addition, the tool analyzes typical user operations and sends out alerts in case of suspicious activity.

Elasticsearch Database Activity Monitoring collects the following information:

  • Session data: user authentication time, IP address, host name, used applications, query list;
  • SQL codes of transactions;
  • Query results.

The Elasticsearch Database Activity Monitoring tool from DataSunrise leaves evildoers no opportunity to hide traces of their activity, as monitoring results logs are stored in an external database or transferred to a SIEM system, which gives a lot of opportunities for security alerts analysis.

DataSunrise Database Activity Monitoring for Elasticsearch helps to comply with GDPR, SOX, HIPAA and other industry standards.