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DataSunrise Data Masking for Elasticsearch

The Elasticsearch Data Masking tool is designed for protection of sensitive information in production databases by obfuscating it for users who are not to have access to it. This tool gives such users fictitious data, which yet looks real. This way confidential and sensitive data is protected from theft and exposure.

Tech info

The Data Masking tool for Elasticsearch allows companies to protect sensitive and regulated data when a database is accessed by a company’s employees or transferred to third parties. This tool randomizes or obfuscates information and makes it useless while making it look real. This way the employees are able to perform operations with data without the risk of compromising its confidentiality and privacy.

Data masking for Elasticsearch is useful when a company transfers databases to third parties or needs to limit business information exposure to unauthorized employees – analysts, developers, testers, etc.

Data Masking

DataSunrise Data Masking tool intercepts the SELECT queries and changes them according to the masking rule parameters so that the database sends the client a table with masked values in the columns specified in the rule’s settings. Masked data is not reversible. It is not possible to retrieve the original data from the masked values.

DataSunrise can perform both dynamic and static data masking for Elasticsearch.

Compared to static masking, proxy-based dynamic masking is performed at the time of a query. There is no need to make the copy of the database and update it every certain period of time.