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DataSunrise Sensitive Data Discovery for Elasticsearch

This is another database security tool by DataSunrise for Elasticsearch databases. This tool is called Sensitive Data Discovery and it helps to make your database protection stronger and more effective by locating and identifying all sensitive data across your Elasticsearch databases. As a result database owners and administrators have thorough understanding what sensitive data they have in their database, including the newly added data. Search for such sensitive data may be automatic and periodic.

Tech info

The best solution to the sensitive information protection problem is the DataSunrise Database Security Suite that includes the Data Discovery tool which is highly effective for tracking sensitive data and protecting it with other tools by DataSunrise for Elasticsearch databases.

Relevant information is located and identified using special filtering criterion according to types of data stored in the database. DataSunrise provides default data type settings that classifies information as financial (i.e. credit card numbers, codes, etc.), geographic (i.e. names of cities, countries, ZIP codes), personal, medical, names, telephone/fax numbers, SSNs, account numbers, dates, email addresses, website credentials, URLs, etc.

Along with the default data types, DataSunrise enables setting up customized filters by specifying templates for column names and contents. The exact location for search may be defined as well. You can easily do that by typing in a database name, a schema and/or even a table.

Sensitive Data Discovery

After sensitive data has been successfully found and identified the database owner and administrator have several options to further protect sensitive data. Here are the available options:

  • a masking rule that allows to completely conceal data or keep it obscure, masking may be either dynamic or static;
  • an audit rule that helps to monitor all operations and transactions with data across the database;
  • a security (firewall) rule that is dedicated to control access to data.

Enhance your Elasticsearch database security! Make sure that your sensitive sensitive data remains confidential, integral and available only to authorized users.