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DataSunrise Sensitive Data Discovery for Sybase

Sybase Data Discovery from DataSunrise is a special security tool aimed at locating all sensitive data in Sybase databases. This tool provides database administrators and owners with complete visibility into data they have and helps to achieve compliance with national and international sensitive data protection regulations. Sybase Data Discovery boasts of built-in search filters using which database teams can retrieve any information from their database. In addition, one can create custom filters.

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Sensitive data discovery is one of the most important and useful elements of security practices as it gives a full understanding of what data needs protection. Data Discovery tool for Sybase included in the DataSunrise Database Security Suite is the first step to have all personally identifiable data effectively protected. Effective protection means that it cannot be traced back to the individual within the system. This process of retrieving and managing sensitive data with DataSunrise is fully automated and very effective. It means that our customers will have no problem being compliant with national and international sensitive data regulations and laws. By personally identifiable or sensitive information we mean the name, home address, passport number, phone number, driver’s license number, and bank card details, etc. However, the Data Discovery tool from DataSunrise for Sybase goes far beyond that. Due to easily adjustable and highly versatile filters, you can discover any information that you think is valuable and sensitive. As recent news on database breaches and leaks shows, failure to protect sensitive data badly damages any company image.

DataSunrise Sensitive Data Discovery for Sybase

By default, Data Discovery from DataSunrise for Sybase is looking for the following information in a database: