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All-Day Security Monitoring and Recording
of Specific Database Activity with Database Audit

The database auditing solution helps keep your data safe on-prem and in clouds, ensures compliance with government regulations, generates regular reports on database activity, and analyzes security events.

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Increase Visibility into Database Activity

Meet Compliance Regulations

Meet Compliance Regulations

Strong protection of sensitive data under most national and international regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and PCI DSS. Continuous auditing and reporting of activity with sensitive data.

Self-managing regulatory compliance automation requires no manual intervention.

Security Control

Security Control

Instant capture of events that triggered security policies. Store audit records in a separate database. You can select to store in an internal built-in database or external database, S3, or send audit results to SIEM.

Notification system of audit events via email, SNMP or instant messengers.

Audit Management

Audit Management

Simplified audit management and segregation of duties from administrative privileges to read-only access to audit settings. Flexible settings to audit queries from certain hosts, IP addresses, client applications, users, and more.

Customizable traffic filters with sufficient granularity up to the column level.

Stealth Monitoring

Stealth Monitoring

Get proxy functions with the possibility of Sniffer mode. It logs all database events, while the launch does not require any additional configuration of databases or client applications.

The advantage of DataSunrise is that you can make flexible deployment, depending on your security needs, and integrate functions with the Database audit trail.

6 Reasons for Using DataSunrise:

SIEM Integration

Exports audit results to external SIEM systems with Syslog messages, which provides detailed reports

Increased Security

Timely protection against third-party hackers, insider threats, data thefts and data leaks

Profitable Solution

Low cost of maintaining the quick setup of DataSunrise security program and supporting related standards

Learning Mode

An integrated self-learning engine for memorizing activity and simplifying security policy configuration

Real-Time Alerting

Alerts via Email and messengers to send immediate notifications to the administrator about suspicious activity

Selective Audit

Customizable traffic filters with sufficient granularity up to the column level

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  • Sensitive and PII data auditing, discovery and active protection in on-prem and cloud environments
  • Detect access rights abuse attempts and prevent data breach preparations in advance
  • DataSunrise analyzes typical user and application behavior and creates an allow list of secure SQL queries to notify of a change in user activity
  • Centralized management and continuous monitoring of databases in the cloud or on-prem help to maintain full compliance
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