PostgreSQL Data Audit by DataSunrise

PostgreSQL data audit solution by DataSunrise allows tracking user activity and changes made to the database in real time. The feature keeps the record of performed operations and gathers detailed information about every operation. Continuous monitoring of transactions helps to detect security breaches, prevent users tampering with data and identify infiltrators.

Tech Info

Within recent years there is a dismal increase in cybercrimes, which forces IT companies continuously improve their security systems. PostgreSQL data audit solution by DataSunrise is a high-quality database monitoring system that performs following functions:

  • Continuous database monitoring and detecting suspicious activity. Data Audit can be customized to notify of queries with certain attributes, which can be helpful for administrators to timely inspect the query in question and prevent stealing of sensitive information.
  • Tracking of privileged users activity. According to KCS research, 80% of corporate cybercrimes can be traced to staff. Doesn’t matter whether they have done it themselves or they just were careless with their personal log-in details, with Data Audit you always know what is happening in your database.
  • Providing audit reports with various selected attributes that can be analyzed as needed.
  • Helping to comply with HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS and other standards.
  • Helping to find potential security vulnerabilities.

PostgreSQL data audit solution by DataSunrise doesn’t cause performance slowdown and has a convenient-to-use interface. Apart from other advantages, the solution has a self-learning system that analyzes SQL queries and makes a list of queries typical for a given company, with this feature administrators can inspect potentially dangerous queries more scrupulously. It can work alongside with any SIEM system. Audit log files contain codes of SQL queries, database access information, target database data, errors, etc. More detailed information on monitoring feature is available here.

PostgreSQL data audit solution by DataSunrise is a great solution that will help you always be aware of all activities in your system and investigate data leaks. It will be a valuable addition to your database security system.


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