Audit for MS SQL Server database by DataSunrise

MS SQL Server audit tool by DataSunrise provides traffic monitoring, activity logging, and database response registration. Audit tool monitors database activity 24/7 and helps to find out harmful requests from different sources. Collects SQL requests codes, user sessions info and errors. Helps to find outside attacks and insider data leaks.

Tech Info

Database Surveillance

MS SQL Server audit tool by DataSunrise enables tracking and logging all events that occur in the system. Database auditing tool is an irreplaceable assistant during the process of data leak investigation and vulnerability assessment. It provides detailed information about all database activity, including queries from the outside and queries of authorized users. Continuous activity monitoring helps to reveal potential security vulnerabilities. More detailed information on monitoring feature is available here.

Keeping it Simple

Data Audit doesn’t slow down the system and it is easy to deploy. Efficient architecture saves time and makes it convenient to work with. Moreover, it has a sophisticated self-learning mode that creates an actual list of SQL queries used in given database environment, which simplifies further customization of DataSunrise and prevents false triggering. There is also an opportunity to receive notifications about suspicious activity with selected attributes.


Detailed Logging

Audit log file contain the following data:

  • List of client applications that were used to query the database, IP addresses, user names, session duration;
  • SQL codes of queries;
  • Number of affected columns, errors occurred, session duration.

Log files can be exported to external database or to any SIEM system that provides real-time analysis of security alerts.

Helpful Addition

Apart from other advantages, MS SQL Server audit tool by DataSunrise helps to generate reports for the purpose of compliance with SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other industry standards. In the era of cybercrimes it is very important to be aware of what is going on in your database. With DataSunrise Data Audit you always know who and when accessed your database, it is a valuable tool for revealing vulnerabilities and stop cyberattacks before they cause damage. Data Audit has sufficient benefits compared to standard audit tools, thus it is a great addition to your security system.

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