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DataSunrise Database Audit for Impala

Impala Database Audit from DataSunrise is a solution for non-stop monitoring of database activity. Audit tool is very useful tool to investigate database hacks and the resulting data breaches and data loss. However, this is a tool aimed at preventing such incidents. Impala Database Audit keeps track of all database activity. In case some potentially dangerous actions are happening threatening database and data safety it immediately notifies database owners and admins giving a possibility to stop them before any harm is done.
Tech info

Impala Database Audit is best tool on the market to audit database activity comprehensively. DataSunrise’s tool is simple to use, but highly efficient. And it doesn’t cripple database productivity due to its unique architecture. Impala Database Audit can perform the following important functions:

  • Tracing and putting to external logs of events that occur in the database engine;
  • Tracking of suspicious activities, user passwords hacking attempts and warding off threats coming from inside or outside;
  • Finding system malfunctions, software errors and performance bottlenecks;
  • Helping compliance with such national and international sensitive data regulations as GDPR, PCI, SOX, HIPAA, etc.
Impala Database Audit

Impala Database Audit can collect the following data:

  • Information about every user session, including user name, host name, duration, etc;
  • Executed SQLs;
  • Errors and malfunctions occurred in the database;
  • Target database data.

Results of Impala Database Audit can be stored anywhere or exported to external SIEM-systems which excludes any possible audit data manipulation even from database admins.

To make auditing efficient, fast and user-friendly DataSunrise developed a special intelligent algorithm called Learning Rules. They create a whitelist of transaction approved, say, for employees of a company department. Whitelisting simplifies the process of query analysis and prevents false triggering of database alarm notification.

Impala Database Audit is the next step for compliance with such national and international sensitive data protection regulations as GDPR, SOX, PCI, HIPAA.

DataSunrise ensures comprehensive protection of Impala databases. If you’re looking for a solution to protect the integrity of your data and databases DataSunrise is the solution you’re looking for!