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DataSunrise Database Audit for Sybase

Audit tool for Sybase from the DataSunrise company analyzes database traffic in real time and compares it with the whitelist of queries defined by database administrators or owners as safe and legitimate. As you Sybase database is continuously monitored, any attack on your database(s) is detected immediately, preventing sensitive data leaks.

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DataSunrise Data Audit for Sybase provides all necessary tools for non-stop tracking of all database activity and allows to capture all database user actions as well as changes made to the database structure. Audit logs include a detailed list of all database operations, who performed these operations and when, in addition to that all the attributes of the operations are saved too.

DataSunrise Database Audit for Sybase

As modern governments and businesses are more and more concerned with sensitive data protection regulations, companies and organizations nowadays are obliged to implement data audit tools and collect information for compliance reasons. The collected information should contain all necessary details of all actions done with sensitive and personally identifiable data. DataSunrise can store audit logs in an internal built-in database or in several types of an external databases of user’s choice. The collected information can and should be used for analysis or investigation purposes in case of a cybercrime.

Unlike auditing solutions from other providers, the Sybase auditing solution from DataSunrise does not cause any performance or scalability issues and has no effect on database throughput and performance. One should keep in mind that database auditing is performed continuously, as this is the only way to ensure that a database security team (persons) are able to prevent any emerging security threats and identify suspicious activity and transactions that do not match the whitelist.

The most widely used protocol for message logging is Syslog. DataSunrise supports Syslog and enables to import gathered logs to external applications, like Security Information and Event Management solutions (SIEM), which ultimately enhances the level of security of the whole information security system. Integrated with external security systems, DataSunrise allows Sybase administrators and owners to achieve complete visibility into database transactions and user activity.