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DataSunrise Database Audit for IBM DB2 Big SQL

DB2 Big SQL Data Audit provided by DataSunrise is included to the Suite to monitor and keep track of all user actions and changes made to the database. Auditing results provide an extra security and forensic evidence in case of security breach.

Tech info

DataSunrise DB2 BIg SQL audit module enables monitoring and logging of database events on your database storage. The audit solution doesn’t require any agents or additional applications — everything is already included into the DataSunrise Suite. Detailed audit logs include information on database changes (client IP addresses, application names, query’s SQL, affected database objects etc.).

Dedicated Self-learning engine enables DataSunrise to do white-listing and black-listing to simplify managing of database activity. With Self-learning, DataSunrise tracks all user actions and generates a list of SQL queries typical for the given database (so called White list).