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DataSunrise Database Audit for IBM DB2

IBM DB2 data audit solution by DataSunrise provides the full analysis of all user activity and changes to IBM DB2 database and queries directed to it. Any protection policy violation can be immediately detected and stopped. This includes, but not limited to, monitoring of SQL-requests and unauthorized access to sensitive information.
Tech info
IBM DB2 data audit solution by DataSunrise protects your database with a set of preconfigured defenses and helps to monitor all database activity. Apart from gathering statistics the program has various functions:
  • Creating a reliable IBM DB2 audit trail of all user activity and logging detailed information;
  • Continuous database monitoring in order to detect external threats and prevent data leaks caused by privileged insiders;
  • Deterring users from inappropriate actions and installation of malicious software;
  • Addressing IBM DB2 audit requirements for compliance (SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS and other standards);
  • Detecting problems with access control implementation or authorization;
  • Notifying about suspicious activity and providing information that helps to investigate data breaches;
  • Revealing security vulnerabilities and other problems of information system operation cycle.
IBM DB2 Database Audit

More detailed information on monitoring feature is available here.

IBM DB2 Audit by DataSunrise has a self-learning feature to analyze most often used SQL queries and create a list of assumed safe queries, which helps to focus on unusual transactions. It is also a useful tool to prevent insider attacks notifying of any suspicious queries from authorized users.

As for the IBM DB2 audit results, they contain target database information, SQL codes of overridden queries, database errors and session information, including when and which the host made a certain query to the database and what was the result of the query. IBM DB2 audit logs provide the opportunity to investigate data leaks, evaluate their cost and detect the culprits. IBM DB2 Audit supports the Syslog protocol, thus it is compatible with any existing SIEM-system.

IBM DB2 data audit solution by DataSunrise is a comprehensive utility that will help you to protect your database from attacks performed both from the inside and outside. It is powerful software controlled within a simple interface, which will complement the security system of your database.